Sunday, 31 March 2013

Asparagus etc

Yesterday, I deliberately went to Tesco at time when I thought they might be reducing.

I got 3 really good reductions:

Asparagus reduced from £2.50 to 63P

I had about a third as part of my meal last night; a treat.  The stalks were quite long, so I cut quite a bit off the bottom.  However, I saved the bottom bits and will use in a quiche, or some other way.  HOW ECONOMICAL AM I?

'Ruby Slaw' reduced from £2 to 31p

A City Kitchen Duck Noodle dish, reduced from £3.95 to £1.19

Superscout loves these, so it will be an economical Friday or Saturday night treat for her.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Frugal Graduate: Cheap meals: Lentil burgers

The Frugal Graduate: Cheap meals: Lentil burgers: I'm currently doing a challenge to eat for £1 a day. Using my stash of value ingredients , I've been living on a few basic meals ov...



Yesterday, I saw 2 courgettes on sale in the Co-Op for £2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was genuinely shocked.

Good job I have some seeds planted in little pots on my bathroom window sill,  Come on my beauties.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Biscuits

Superscout and the teenager have gone to London to stay with their dad.  They will be back Tuesday.  Is it wrong to be so happy about the peace and lack of general chaos???????????????

This evening I am going to bake some Easter biscuits.


I tried the Rachel Allen technique of rolling out the dough between clingfilm.  I have to say, it worked rather well.

Here is a snapshot of the 24 I baked.


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tuna Pasta Bake

In the oven, set on timer, to be cooked by 18:00.

Tesco ED tuna chunks = £0.75
Tesco tuna bake packet mix = £0.38
Skimmed milk = £0.14 
Frozen onion = £0.10 approx.
Tesco ED frozen sweetcorn = £0.06 approx.
Grated cheese = £0.75
TOTAL = £2.16 for 6 portions.

36p per portion.

Looking at this, I think the cheese is dis proportionally expensive and I will adjust next time.

For a while now I have bought frozen onion.  2 reasons really:
  • It is convenient.  Although technically more expensive to buy, it makes me more likely to cook something cheaply, and and not resort to expensive ready meals from the COOP.
  • Frozen is always there and fresh, so to speak.  It reduces waste.  I have applied this principle to most vegetables and herbs now.

Monday, 25 March 2013

getting stuff done: creating my life: make sure you do this in your life....

getting stuff done: creating my life: make sure you do this in your life....

excellent advise.

NSD and baking plans

No spend day.  Aiming for as many of these as I can muster in the week.

Superscout [aka teenage daughter] and I are currently really enjoying the Country Show Cook Off on BBC2.  Tonight quiches were featured.  Superscout was inspired, so we can expect some v soon.

I personally learned how to blind bake and saw an interesting technique on rolling out the dough between clingfilm.  I must say, since watching the GBBO, I have become far interested in technique than I ever have been.

Later on, I am looking forward to watching the new Paul Hollywood show about baking.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fruit boxes

Recently, I have started to buy mini fruit boxes to take for my snack at school.

I have been buying these:

Tesco Goodness Dried Selection Fruit Packs 10 x 25g

The cost works out at £8.00 per kilogram.

However, I just changed, with the help of my electronic scale and mini plastic tubs, to this:

Tesco Everyday Value
£1.90 per kilogram.

Fantastic savings.
Ok - here I am again.  Have been an erratic blogger since 2006.

So much has happened since then, but fundamentally I remain a frugalista at heart.

My witterings are on Facebook and Twitter too, but sometimes I still might like to express myself in more than 140 characters.