Saturday, 3 August 2013

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Well - yet again, I have proved that I am a most inconsistent blogger.

All is going very well - frugal and otherwise, but I start off with such good intentions blogging and then just tail off.

I am so much better on Facebook and Twitter.

SO - if you want to follow me/keep in touch, please hit the Twitter button.

Love you all


Saturday, 8 June 2013


There are a few areas of my life that, when I compare them to others [I know I shouldn't, but hey, who doesn't?] I feel disadvantaged, but where I work is not one of them.  As some of you may know, I am a teacher, so that might be quite surprising.

I work in a lovely school, among many wonderful people, some of whom are now important friends to me.  Our Head is an amazing lady and she leads the school with integrity and we are very blessed.

One of her achievements is to have obtained solar panels.  The money we save on fuel has been used to set up and run a school farm.  We have a mini pony; 2 goats; countless  chickens; a rabbit; a guinea pig............  It is a really beautiful place to be and the children benefit from it no end, both in terms of learning and in terms of social and emotional nurturing.

Anyway, because the weather has been so nice, twice this week several of us have taken our lunch up there. Sitting at the picnic tables, surrounded by various animals and happy children, there was no better place to be.

Also this week, our Deputy, another amazing lady, began our 'sewing bee'.   She is a very taleneted sewer.  Many of us had enjoyed The Great British Sewing Bee and had chatted about it.  So, S decided to start a staff  sewing club.  We meet after school.  There is a range of abilities is broad:  I am a complete beginner.  One person is making 2 piped cushions, with zips; another is making a 'Kath Kitson' peg bag.  I am making an 'A-line' skirt.

S is v clever and instead of me buying a pattern, she took my measurements and created a bespoke pattern for me on the computer.  She then gave me calico and I made a 'block', which she then fitted on to me.  Today, I am off into Birmingham to buy my fabric.

Another illustration of how we care for each other is the machine I have was given to me by a collegue.  It turns out that a fellow sewing bee-er also had her machine given to her by another person at school.

I shall take a picture of the fabric, when I have it and post a picture.



Friday, 31 May 2013

Cool Kid


First of all, welcome to my new follower: Donna Scott.

Up until this point, I have hardly mentioned my 2 children.

My [almost] 14 year old daughter [Alice, aka superscout] is super cool, even though I say it myself.  REALLY.

She properly does not run with the pack and is not motivated by money at all.  She is motivated by happiness.  She is into photography and writes her own blog.

Anyway, this week she used ebay for the first time.  She bid and won a pair of skinny jeans for £1.21 plus £2.99 P and P.  She is so proud of herself. 

She is now researching/watching DM boots, in preparation for a winning snipe.  That is so like her; she always does her research about things.

This is her, wearing my 'Underground' shoes, that we share!

Today, I hope to capture the skinny jeans look; so watch this space.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Right Place/Right Time

Not the clearest of photos, but great bargains nonetheless.

Found these yesterday - carrot and  coriander soup; reduced from £1.80 each to 36p each!

Ideal for lunches at school.  I have popped them both in the freezer.

[Wrote 30 writing and 30 'speaking and listening' comments yesterday.  Plus listed 2 pairs of shoes on ebay]  

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

TV Licence

It is half-term, so I have time on my hands to catch up on little tasks I postpone during term time.

Inspired by a tip I read when we were all writing our '30Ways To Save £1' posts, I rang TV licensing today.

I wanted to save £5 per year, by paying by monthly DD; rather than quarterly [with £1.25 per quarter premium]

It is true you can do this, but there is a catch.  According to the guy I spoke to, the first time you go onto monthly DDs you must first pay £29.10 monthly for the first 5 months - IE the full licence. Then you are allowed to pay monthly.  I pointed out that I have a proven track record of responsible payments.  However, to no avail.  Apparantly, it is government regulation.. HOW SILLY?

As I now pay £37.62 quarterly, I don't want to go onto £29.10 monthly for 5 months; even though I would save the £5 in the following year.



Just overpaid another £100.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next month - my target is to make £100 on ebay to cover the overpayment.  Have a few things to sell [This is an ambitious target]

Must get the sliders in the sidebar sorted.

Anyone got any recommendations?

The one I have at the moment is not easily updated.  You seem to have have to go back to square one each time.  Must be doing it wrong!

Monday, 27 May 2013


Found an anthem