Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Right Place/Right Time

Not the clearest of photos, but great bargains nonetheless.

Found these yesterday - carrot and  coriander soup; reduced from £1.80 each to 36p each!

Ideal for lunches at school.  I have popped them both in the freezer.

[Wrote 30 writing and 30 'speaking and listening' comments yesterday.  Plus listed 2 pairs of shoes on ebay]  


  1. Great progress with those report comments again. I have to add some more to my Maths, D.T. and write my form teacher comments when I return. I got a lot done before our was the carrot I needed to get on with it.

    Speaking of carrots, well done on another bargain, you are doing so well.

    Sft x

  2. If they're Co-op's (I got some for 45p-ish a few weeks back) they need seasoning. Ok but deffo need seasoning. I found it a little sweet for my palate but add some cheese and that helps. Cheese improves all things though, right? :-)